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Turn Your Fundraising Up To 11!

Amplify: (verb) To increase the volume of

In music, that means make it LOUDER! In fundraising it means multiplying the sources and the amounts of your donations.

We at Craftsmen Events view fundraising events as donation amplifiers. Simply put, if your organization were to receive $100,000 in donations, our team has the experience and expertise to organize a gala/concert/auction that could very well turn that $100,000 into $500,000 or more.

One of the founding tenets of Craftsmen Events is to help bring about a better word by assisting charities with causes we believe in garner the resources needed to carry on their incredible work. We start by helping connect your organization to artists and celebrities who can bring visibility to your cause. Celebrities, whether international, regional or local, can help your organization reach a much larger audience because they are influencers. We help connect you with like-minded influencers and bring their fame to bear for your cause.

We then work with you to find the perfect venue and team you up with the best production providers to assure that your attendees have an incredible experience while you stay within your budget. Craftsmen Events have been hosted in some of the most vaunted venues in the state including University of Texas’ Frank Erwin Center and ACL Moody Theater to name just a couple. We’ve worked in venues of all sizes with crowds of all sizes and we can help you select the best venue for your event. We then negotiate on your behalf with the venue to ensure that you stretch every precious dollar as far as it will go.  

Next, we create a comprehensive marketing campaign to generate high-beam visibility for your event and your brand. From television and radio to social to print to outdoor, our team of marketing experts will create a plan to exploit every available media outlet to make sure your event is promoted to the highest degree possible for your budget.

Finally, we work with several of the top auctioneers in the fundraising market to make sure you raise every dollar available in the room. We can’t overstate the importance of the auctioneer as an integral part of the fundraising initiative. We work with the best in the state to ensure every donor in the room has the best possible bidding experience and your organization benefits from their enthusiasm.

Invest in your giving pipeline. Work with Craftsmen Events to turn your fundraising up to 11 by creating unique, one-of-a-kind events tailored to your organization’s message and mission. We work with some of the top worldwide charities and we have raised millions making sure those that give hope to the hopeless have the necessary means to continue their life-changing missions.

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