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What We Do


Multiple stages, numerous bands, hundreds of performers, air shows, car shows, food festivals, whiskey festivals, members of our team have even produced a firearms festival; Craftsmen Events has done it all. From staging to fencing to ticketing to crowd control and security to navigating federal, state and local governments; Craftsmen Events has real-world experience in creating world-class experiences for our clients and spectators.


With our founder’s more than twenty years in the entertainment industry, concerts are at the heart of what Craftsmen Events does. Craftsmen Events has worked in every size venue and in practically every genre with a focus on the vibrant Texas music scene. Whether turning a non-traditional outdoor space into an entertainment venue, adding live entertainment to another large event such as an airshow or bringing a live-entertainment experience to your conference to create an unforgettable experience for your clientele, Craftsmen Events can bring your biggest and brightest ideas to life.

Charity Events

Craftsmen Events was built on one central tenet: serve a higher purpose by helping our fellow earthlings. We have partnered with several regional and worldwide charities to raise millions. Outside-the-box creativity and expert execution both in event planning and onstage have allowed Craftsmen Events the honor of playing a small role in making sure those that find homes for the homeless and hope for hopeless have the necessary means to continue their incredible work.

Corporate Events

Craftsmen Events has planned and produced numerous corporate events from conferences to corporate outings to private concerts with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. Our team can help you find the ideal venue, negotiate rates, and make sure your guests have an unbelievable and unforgettable experience.

Golf Tournaments

We are avid and passionate golfers. We have conceptualized and organized several charity and celebrity golf tournaments and worked with top PGA Tour professionals to create unforgettable golf experiences ensuring teams and players come back year after year. A golf event produced by Craftsmen Events ensures your competitors have an unforgettable time while honoring the traditions of the greatest game

Brand Activations

Want the Foo Fighters to launch your product at an upcoming conference? How about covering downtown Austin with your brand and logo? Fireworks over Los Angeles announcing a new service? Your imagination is your only limitation when Craftsmen Events is engaged. We have forged strong partnerships with groups who have created some of the world’s most memorable activations. Let’s see what we can dream up together!

Production Services

Craftsmen Events has partnered with the best and brightest in the concert production world to be able to offer our clients elite sound and lighting solutions. Our partners have created tour rigs for the biggest stars on the planet and can create completely immersive custom audio and visual experiences for our clients. From 100 to 100,000, Craftsmen Events can find the ideal solution for you.

Large Events

The Craftsmen Events team have run some of the largest and most significant events in central Texas. From Governor Abbott’s Election Night Victory Party at the Moody Theater in downtown Austin where we oversaw 3500 spectators, 13 keynote speakers and 53 national and international and international news media outlets, to Go Wheels Up! Texas at the San Marcos Regional Airport which included a full air show, car show, concert series and food festival, Craftsmen Events is capable of handling every aspect of a large event.

Public Relations

Craftsmen Events partners with top-tier public relations firms in numerous niches, from genre-specific music agencies to more corporate-minded large scale teams, Craftsmen Events will help find the best fit for your project and utilize our personal relationships to make sure you get the highest quality of service.

Talent Procurement

We are in constant contact with some of the biggest talent agents in Texas, Nashville, New York and Los Angeles. In fact, some of them are our close friends. With a phone call we can get any artist to your private or corporate event or find the perfect celebrity spokesperson for your product or service. For large public events the science is a little more exact, but we can find the best available options from any genre and go to work negotiating the best possible deal for your event or festival.

Event Concept and Planning

We pride ourselves on dreaming up the impossible and then putting a plan in place to make those dreams a reality. Events with Craftsmen at the helm have wowed audiences and raised millions for worldwide charities. Craftsmen Events are collaborative and integrate seamlessly with your existing team to bring your events to life with an exceptional level of organization and professionalism.

Multimedia Promotions

Craftsmen Events is a multi-channel promotions company with a reach into television, radio, outdoor, digital, social and other non-traditional media outlets. Our partnerships with world-class creative companies, seasoned media buyers and multinational media companies allow us to design promotional campaigns that drive awareness at practically any budget.


Craftsmen Events partners with several restaurants and catering services to handcraft an experience uniquely tailored to your needs. From simple on-site craft services to galas featuring high-end cuisine, much like we can connect your event with stars and celebrities, we can also match you with the perfect chef. Contact us to find out how our catering services can fulfill your private party or large event needs.

Custom Bar Service

Craftsmen Events proudly presents Craftsmen Custom Cocktails, a custom bartending service comprised of some of Austin’s best professional bartenders and mixologists. An expert mixologist will consult with you on your menu, you provide the alcohol and our bartenders do the rest. We provide all of the setup, equipment and drinkware along with expertly fun service that will impress your most critical guest. Please contact us for more details.


Corporate Retainer Program

If your organization is considering hiring at least one full-time, experienced employee to oversee events, Craftsmen Events offers a Corporate Retainer Program where your company can retain Craftsmen Events for all of your events and have a full-service company with years of experience at your beck and call for less than the cost of that single employee. We believe this program will offer an amazing value to organizations who are considering adding permanent event staff. Contact us to learn more!

Intern with Craftsmen Events

Interested in getting into the events field? Taking classes or enrolled in a program where getting real-world experience in crafting and creating events would garner valuable credits? Contact us about becoming an intern. You will gain hands-on experience in a variety of aspects regarding event production from concept and planning to A/V to security and more. Your internship may very well turn into a career opportunity with Craftsmen Events so please get in touch. We look forward to speaking with you!

Preferred Vendor Program

Preferred vendors are companies which Craftsmen Events has determined provide excellent goods and services. We contact them first when putting together any of our events. While we may have multiple companies who appear to provide the same services, we arrange them in tiers; one sound company may be preferable to another given the size and scope of an event and we taylor each event to meet our clients’ needs. If you believe your company offers exceptional value are interested in becoming a preferred vendor, please contact us.

Volunteer for an Event

Love live music? Love airplanes? Love whiskey? Craftsmen Events produces several events celebrating a wide variety of subjects, all of which rely at least in some part on a passionate volunteer force. Volunteering for one of our events can be rewarding beyond just getting to participate; you may have the opportunity to meet celebrities, ride in amazing airplanes or get up close with some of the most expensive automobiles on the road. You never know what experiences might come your way. Sign up today!

Let’s Talk

We at Craftsmen Events know that finding the right event partner is not an easy decision and there are a lot of choices in the marketplace. That’s why we’d love to hear from you and walk you through your needs, the scope of your goals and how we might help you maximize your budget.