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A Thing That Happens

What is an “Event”?

Webster tells us it’s simply a thing that happens. A thing that happens. I mark my life with events. The day I married my wife, when my children were born. Events are meaningful, may carry great importance and I would bet that “events” in your life are what has shaped you into who you are today. I don’t take the word lightly and that’s exactly why I chose to make this move to join this talented group of event producers.

Over the last 12 years I have produced hundreds of events. Some were spectacular, others not so much, but one thing remains constant: the shared experience brings a community, an organization and people together.

This is the power of an event. It can transport people to another world, it can forever touch their heart and soul. The impact a well-run event can have on an organization is priceless. I know first hand. Many of my events in churches were catalysts for growth in our entire organization, and we’re talking thousands of individuals with their own separate lives being brought together with a common experience. It can be transcendent. It’s funny, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been stopped in the grocery store and asked if I was the one that did “such and such event.” 

I love producing and executing events so much that I decided to put away my title of “Pastor” and focus my full-time energy on helping others produce memorable experiences. The truth of the matter is that most events are the same; the same elements, same marketing, same pieces, but they always, without fail, surprise me in different ways. One of those is the level of relationship-building and connection they bring to a community and its people. 

I believe it is that for which Craftsmen Events stands. We exist to create experiences that will bring people together and mark their lives for a moment in time. 

I’m looking forward to the many “events” I and my fellow Craftsmen will be executing moving forward. Touching lives, building companies, helping charities; this is what life is about and though I might not be able to see the road ahead, I can’t express here how excited I am to travel it.

Cheers to the next chapter. 

- Mitch